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Going to be missing Stampede to welcome our 4th child!

As a proud Calgarian, and a proud Albertan, the Calgary Stampede is easily one of my favourite events of the year. Thanks to Guy Weadick and the generations of Albertans who came after him we get to enjoy something unique, unreservedly Canadian and complete with our renowned Western hospitality. It...

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Meet Tom

Tom Kmiec was born in Poland and raised in Quebec, where he graduated from the Université de Concordia with a Bachelor degree in Political Science. He has a Master's degree from Regent University, Virginia, USA, in American Government with a concentration in Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Tom is married to Evangeline and they have three kids, Maximillian, Jolie and Enoch. Tom is a long-time conservative activist having served on electoral district association boards, on provincial leadership committees and helped conservative candidates at the civic, provincial and federal level.