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Contributions are tax deductible.

September 2016 Turkey Fundraiser

40 donors
100 donors

The Calgary Shepard Conservative Association is leading its 2nd turkey fundraiser in support of our MP Tom Kmiec. We will be soliciting donations of $100.00 which will provide the donor with a $75.00 income tax receipt and a gift card from either of these grocery stores: Costco Canada, Walmart Canada ,or the Canadian Superstore. Each $100 donation is eligible for a gift card turkey voucher.

An email will be sent upon purchase and you can reply to provide the type of gift card you wish to receive.

All funds raised will be used to strengthen our local conservative movement and to ensure we keep Calgary Shepard conservative in the next federal election.

Who's donating

Bruce Clark
Debbra Clark
Chris Phillips
Judy Johnson
Denis Pequin
Jim Swatschina
Terrance Schmaltz
David Robinson
Orlene Cameron
Shane Byciuk
Emmanuel Winfield
Halina Leszczynska
Jason Noble
Doug Nelson
Richard Wedel
Marton Loscher
Jeff Park
Peter McAleese
Amy Cassidy
Mercedes Simonsen
Yvonne Winfield
Ray Hodgkinson
Janice Lui
Iggy Domagalski
Doug Nelson
David Brinsmead
Derek Fildebrandt
Edward Braun
Wendy Gordon
Don Edy