Tom Kmiec
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I Need Your Support

Alberta has handed another economic setback when Energy East was cancelled.

Thousands of good-paying energy jobs were lost in Alberta, Quebec and across Canada.

These days it's hard to tell who’s on our side. The Alberta NDP make excuses while the federal Liberals secretly cheer road-blocking Alberta oil.


We need to get Alberta back on track. And we need Albertans stand tall and strong to do it.

I won't stop defending our stellar environmental record and demanding respect for our #1 economic engine.

And I hope I can count on your support. I need to get ready for the next federal election, please consider making a generous contribution of $63 (for 1963 - the year Alberta stood on its own and stopped getting Equalization) to support me in the work I do defending Alberta energy families.

Alberta families deserve better and I will keep saying it in Ottawa and wherever else I go.

In your service,

Tom Kmiec, MP

Calgary Shepard