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Contributions are tax deductible.

Club 400

The Club 400 is a group of supporting donors in the riding of Calgary Shepard committed to electing a conservative voice to Parliament.

With a donation of $400.00 to the Calgary Shepard Conservative Association either monthly in 12 separate payments or a one-time donation through this webpage, the Club 400 members receive a pin identifying them as supporting donors of the local conservative association and receive special invites to unique Club 400 events.

Club 400 events are held year round with MP Tom Kmiec and special guests including conservative MPs and Senators, journalists and columnists, and conservative pundits from across Canada. All Club 400 events are free to its members.

Your Club 400 donation is eligible for a tax credit of $300.00 on your federal taxes and issued by the financial agent for the Calgary Shepard Conservative Association.


Who's donating

Kristen Seams
Gerald Chipeur
Edward Huculak
Curtis Jerrom